Thursday, April 21, 2005

Throwing my hat in the ring

Sent poems out to Verse and Volt today, and MacDowell sent an email confirming that they got my application. Waiting to hear from Breadloaf as well. And a bunch of other mags. Does every other poet (and fiction writer, for that matter) find themselves unduly obsessed with their mailboxes, hoping that in every pile of envelopes there's a SASE with something inside other than a rejection slip and their poems folded slightly differently than how they were sent? It strikes me as a terribly unhealthy habit of mind. One of many I have.

I also began working on a longer poem today--3 pages, which is a heck of a lot for 1-page-me. But somehow, when I try to go long, the writing gets slack, and I end up destroying or scrapping the poem a few drafts in. Anybody got any good long poem suggestions?

And my girlfriend and I are going to Paris next week. Anyone got good suggestions for things to do?


b.cro said...

i can't believe you have an effing blog. sucka!

Anonymous said...

How a) boring and b) self-obsessed. If you don't have anything interesting to say, don't start a blog.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Hey Craig,
I just found your blog via Zachary Schomburg's. I know exactly that mailbox feeling -- and how impossible it is to explain to non-writers why I'm so excited every day to get the mail (though I just got one of those way-too-thin, way-too-light envelopes back from Iowa Review.). I recommend the Muse d'Orsay if you like art museums -- but almost anything is great in Paris.

--Matt Thorburn

Craig Morgan Teicher said...

Dear anonymous meany,

if you don't have anything nice to say, don't read my blog.


Adam said...

I hate sundays for the simple fact that no mail runs.

Craig Morgan Teicher said...

Agreed...sundays are sad for many reasons, the lack of mail chief among them.