Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Girlfriend, My Roommate, My Blog

I am excited about my new blog. When I told my girlfriend this morning, however, that I had stayed up until 3 am setting it up, she was not nearly as enthused. No, she is no fan of blogging, and hardly impressed by my blog. She even said that staying at home and painting military flats would keep me more in touch with reality. I don't see how that's true (I do have a good friend who paints military flats, and he certainly does not do it to get in touch with his reality), but I haven't the skill to try anyway.

As I was creating this blog last night, my roommate also expressed a kind of sarcasm about my new hobby. (Check out his online comic, the only link so far on my blog--he's no less geeky.) He seems to think me an unlikely blogger, someone poorly equipped to out-blog the next guy, thereby drawing the attention of the text-hungry to my page. Maybe so, but I don't care.

I suppose, in the end, all I have is you, Reader. Only you believe in me. Only you care. You are the only one I am writing for. Reader, Reader, are you out there?


Anonymous said...

Your blog is hot. Something about you is very cute under that table, is it your red shirt, your compactness, your soulful eyes? I've never gotten hotpants for a blogger but maybe it's just the way you type "simon armitage." Believe it or not I found your blog by simply googling the words "cute guy red shirt poetry in motion" and you came up. I wish you would write another entry! I'm a devoted reader already!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Your are the greatest of the great Bloggers. Your poetry is, is. Words just escape me.I am your number 1 fan and have been following your rise to literary prominence for years. I think I have a copy of almost everything you have ever written. I will check back often to read your latest "pearl". I have to stop now, my twin dogs Dorf & Dorfetta are ready to pee on my toes so I better walk them.
Congrats on the MFA!!!