Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I just had to have one...

I don't really understand much about blogging, but I've been reading the damn things lately, and I just had to have one. It's like a new toy.

Today I did my first out of town poetry reading at URI with Sam White. The reading was hosted by my good friend Penelope Cray. It went very well. Small but attentive crowd. I read first, then Sam. I enjoyed his poems a great deal. Then we had an engaging Q & A session during which I learned that I write list poems. News to me, but it's good information.

On the trains today, I read the fairly new anthology called "New British Poetry" from Graywolf press, edited by Don Patterson and Charles Simic. Patterson openly proclaims that it's a conservative collection, representing the mainstream of British poetry. But a few poets really caught my attention, especially Simon Armitage, Alice Oswold, Gweneth Lewis, and Jaime McKendrick, from whom I plan to purchase books.

Ok. Well, it's back to teaching very early tomorrow morning. Grumble.

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