Friday, April 14, 2006

Cutbank 65 is out and available—at least it would seem to be given that my contributor’s copy came in today’s mail. My contribution is a review of Andra Baker’s LIKE WIND LOVE A WINDOW, which, really to my surprise—I didn’t think I’d get into it at first—was one of the most astonishing and original poetry books of 2005. Cutbank 65 is really a very muscular issue, with poems by Cal Bedient, Adam Clay, Carl Phillips, Lisa Jarnot, Matt Rohrer, Joyelle McSweeney, Dan Beachy-Quick, and others, as well as an interview with D.A. Powell (along with a new poem), who is, in my estimation, the major poet of his generation. It’s really an impressive undertaking, and Brandon Shimoda and Devon Wooton, who recently took over as editors, should be commended for putting it together.

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