Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Onward and awkward with Craig’s “What the Hell Was I Doing When All The Good Music Came Out” exploration. So tonight I’m discovering the Silver Jews. I know, I know, everyone was telling me in ’97 and I paid no attention. Well, you have to save some things for later. I guess I didn’t need them then. I’m listening to THE NATURAL BRIDGE right now. I haven’t even gotten through the whole record yet, but I’m utterly convinced that this is a sublimely beautiful album. It has the feel of something much older. There’s a private, melancholy quality to it that makes it a really good record to listen to alone. It’s good sad company.

Beyond that, B is coming home later tonight from her long time away, which is the big, big news in my life. Jeez I’ve missed her.

I have nothing to say about poetry. Absolutely nothing.


Adam said...

i love the silver joos.

amazing stuff.

andy mr. said...

NB is my favorite SJ album. That album's lyrics are as good as anything released in the 90's. "Dallas" is the best SJ song ever. Classic.