Sunday, January 29, 2006

Goddamn. I don’t know what to say. I am one sad-feelin’ dude. B and I just went to see BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. That is one sad movie. Let me tell you, things don’t work out. It’s sad. I feel like I’m in a comma.

Thankfully, Cat Power’s new album THE GREATEST is really beautiful and sad and makes me feel normal to be sad in a sad world where sad things happen to sad people. She’s got this sultry Memphis band, weepy guitars, sexy horns. You feel transported to the climate of the songs, the sadlands, but also vague redemptionville.

Spent the weekend reading, writing reviews, sending out poems, lying around with B, seeing sad brokebackmountain, sleeping a lot. We also took B’s dying computer to the apple store in soho today and saw Martha Plimpton, the actress who excellently played the very troubled daughter in Parenthood, who was also tending to a sick computer. This is turning into one of those blog posts where I tell you how I cleaned my socks. I didn’t, by the way.


Helene said...

Yeah, Kareem's been trying to get me to see Brokeback Mountain, and I'm balking. I have a hard time gearing up to see a movie that I know is going to turn me into an absolute mess. So we saw Underworld: Evolution instead. Bad move.

Anonymous said...

oh that movie was sad. I cried all night and all the next day.