Saturday, November 12, 2005

What am I thinking tonight:

The progression of Ani Difranco’s early career

Good thoughts about B

The progression of my “early career”

The pile of books I have to review
(Andra Baker, Sarah Arvio, Franz Wright, Brett Lott)

The lovely birthday party I just went to where a boy wrote and orchestrated an entire play involving everyone at the party for his beloved, whose birthday it was

Another friend’s birthday party to which I did not go

The fact that there is still one more day left of the weekend

The fact that when I see lines of text that are different lengths, I think it’s a poem


Simon said...

DiFranco man... what's the deal. So fucking great until I think at the latest Up up up ^ 10. I heard some good things -- buried deep -- on Educated Guess -- but it's really been a dry period for DiFranco since maybe 1999. I have faith she'll pull her shit together, though, Dylan style -- remember that long dry period before Blood on the Tracks>

Craig Morgan Teicher said...

But I love TO THE TEETH and REVELING AND RECKONING. Don't underestimate them. And her newest, KNUCKLE DOWN has some great songs too. But EDUCATED GUESS is not so hot.