Monday, October 03, 2005

Not wanting to get into anything else, I'll talk a bit about books.

Read the pre-pub galley of Louise Gluck's forthcoming book Averno (next March). Hold on to your seats, folks, it's her best book since The Wild Iris, and, I think, the most important of her career. Gluck is still among the most vital of our living major poets.

I have a short essay on Simon Armitage coming out in the next Pleiades. Hopefully they'll put it on their website, and I can link it.

Met Stephen Dixon, who I interviewed for PW, at the Great Read in Bryant Park. He was very sweet, and I was very grateful to meet a writer I respect so much and whose work I've been able to do something to promote. If you get his new book, Phone Rings, look at the blurbs on the back. I wrote the PW one. Also saw my new friend Owen King read. You should buy his book of stories--it's wonderful, funny, disturbing.


howie said...

Somehow on first reading your post, I missed the bit about your essay on Armitage. That's great. Have you seen him read before? He's quite the comedian onstage.

Craig Morgan Teicher said...

I have seen him read, just after the book came out in the us, and he is very funny.