Sunday, October 30, 2005

Not much to report on the poetry front. Haven’t had time to read any poetry this weekend. Still slowly and vaguely working my way through Sarah Arvio, which doesn’t seem to be of much interest to anyone out there. It’s not the new thing, but everything can’t be. There has to be a place in this hip, young poetry world for things that aren’t so young and hip. It’s important to make use of more straightforward work. Not that Arvio’s so straightforward.

B and I just watched Me and you and everyone we know, a feature length film by Miranda July. It’s pretty damn brilliant. About people who are unable to connect head on, who are too scared, who have to go at each other sideways. But they end up finding each other, thank god.

So I’ve decided to try something new. I’m going to pre-type my blog entries in word first, then cut and paste them into the blog page. I bet everyone else thought of that forever ago. Ron Silliman was blogging about the software he uses to write his blog, so why shouldn’t I, I am thinking to myself. I’m late to tune in to every blogging game, but a hell of a blog Mr. Silliman’s got. But it makes sense to me in terms of how I think of blogging: when my loved ones and friends can’t stand to hear me yammering on anymore about poetry, I know you, who choose to read this and can choose not to, can stand me. Blogging is good for overactive minds.

And thank you Mr. Thorburn for you kind birthday wishes.

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