Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wonderful New Poems By Friends

Check out Jesse Ball and Zach Schomburg in the new issues of The Paris Review and Fence. And check out the stunner by Olena Kalitiak Davis in Fence, and the stunner on the cover.

Continuing the generational discussion that's going on below, I was talking with "Anonymous B" about it. It's interesting too to wonder when the poets now in their mid to late twenties will coalesce into a kind of recognizable group or generation or whatever, as poets in their thirties have in the last five or so years. I guess that's part of what I was sort of sarcastically questioning in my previous post--I'm starting to have a sense, for the first time, of who the poets I consider my contemporaries are. It's kind of like a terrifying and vast high school getting smaller, like in that old commercial when the new kid didn't know where to stand when using the drinking fountain, and then he did.

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