Monday, September 05, 2005

5th Season

Soundtrack: Live At The Fillmore East (March 1970), Miles Davis

This summer's extreme heat was worth slogging through for these few lovely days of calm cool breezes and sun. This lovely weather is ironic in light of what's going on down south, and it seems unfair to enjoy it, but wrong not to.

We're just having a lazy weekend around here, lots of naps, cooking meals, not leaving the house. B. is in the kitchen preparing for the class she's teaching this fall, and I'm in our room, listening to music and blogging to have something to do while I'm listening.

Today I've been playing all my electric Miles Davis albums. They used to seem too sloppy and crazed, but now they're just beautiful. There's really nothing else like them, a sort of tidal wave of sound out of which sparkles of melody rise. And it's relentlessly aggressive.

Sending poems out into the world again, to VOLT, The Hat, elsewhere. And the manny this week to Alice James.


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