Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sweet My Ass

I hear there are some folks out there who think of this as a pretty sweet blog, like cuddly, like the kind of blog a teddy bear would write while the little boy or girl who owns him and smothers him with love is at school learning to multiply and write "My name is nervin" in cursive.

Well, this ain't no sweet fucking blog! This is a mutherfuckin' bad, complainin' ass, frickin' piece o' work of a blog! I hate almost everything. And the things I don't hate make me bitter. I want things I don't have, and instead of blaming myself or my own shortcomings, I turn it all outward. It's the world's fault. World, you owe me. And I'll blog at you till you pay up.


I'm working far too much right now. help


Zach said...

Have you read this book about the correspondence between Pasternak, Rilke, and Tsvetayeva?

Your plea for help reminded me of the their letters, due partly to your exhausted nature of your appeal and, mostly (to be honest) because it's one of the only books about poetry I've read. I'm a sucker for anything published by NYRB, and probably wouldn't have ventured to read it had it not been published by them. Embarrassing, but true.

I don't know enough about poetry to suggest with any conviction that there's an equivalent between your community of poet-bloggers (i.e. your "links" bar) and those in this book, but at the least the mechanics are comparable: a group of poets under extraordinary pressure deal with it by corresponding with empathetic peers. I think it's fair to say that if the technology were available Rilke, Pasternak, and Tsvetayeva would have their own blogs. It makes sense geographically, if nothing else.

Or, you could have already read, read and disliked, or refused to read this book, rendering this entire comment superfluous. Either way, I thought there was a parallel worth mentioning.

Zach said...

Maybe you should add "people who don't proofread their comments" to the list of things you hate?

The World said...

Dear Slicker, you're right, I do owe you. I'd forgotten all about it. Sorry about that and I'll get it in the mail shortly.
The World

Anonymous said...

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