Monday, July 26, 2010

My Virtual Cradle Book Book Tour

As you may or may not know, my second book, a collection of stories and fables called Cradle Book (available in print and in a Kindle-exclusive--how controversial of me--e-book edition) was just published by BOA Editions.  The demands of fatherhood having basically prevented me from embarking on an ambitious book tour, or even a small one, for which I feel bad, not just because I'm depriving you of the awesome experience of my readings, but because BOA did me the great good turn of bringing out the book, and I owe it to them to promote the darn thing.  Plus, I like reading--it's the last vestige of performance in my life (I did comedy once a upon a time, you see).

So, I've decided to borrow some tricks from Dorothea Lasky, who conduced her virtual Tiny Tour for her first book, and from some video reviews I did for eBookNewser, and do my own little virtual book tour.

Here's the plan: I'll post probably three ten-minute readings--three is enough, I think--in which it'll just be me reading stories from Cradle Book.  If anyone bothers to tune it, I think it'll be a smashing success.  If not, I'll still have fun making the videos.  I'll try to keep 'em lively.  These events will be BYOWAC (bring-your-own-wine-and-cheese).  I'll try to post the first one tonight or tomorrow.  More info and/ or a reading coming soon.


laurie said...

so i could then post this on my blog? and help you go viral?

Craig Morgan Teicher said...