Monday, July 03, 2006

Post-wedding shock and business is beginning to settle down, and I feel like B and I are resuming, and beginning, our life. This long weekend has given us some time together, for which I’m very grateful.

After years of virus and spyware infestation, and an increasingly sloth-like and frustrating computing experience, I’ve switched from PC to Mac. The changeover has been surprisingly pleasant, and I’m a bit obsessed with playing with my new toy—and Macs have a way of feeling much more like a toy than a pc. It’s got so many little gadgets and doohickeys. And it’s fast enough to run GoogleEarth (my old one couldn’t handle it), which is an altogether thrilling and mind-boggling experience—the world has gotten small and vicarious enough for us to travel it (and actually have a kind of experience traveling it, seeing it pass beneath us) while simply staring at a screen. Very strange.

Listening to a lot of Brad Mehldau, reading a novel and Paul Muldoon. Seem to have gotten over Lowell for the time being. Reading the Welsh poet Gwyneth Lewis, Ben Lerner, the new issue of Tin House (with a compelling interview with Will Self, whose forthcoming novel THE BOOK OF DAVE I’m eager to read on my honeymoon), and watching Woody Allen movies. Ah, married life…

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