Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hi all,

I have a new poem up at Guernica (, which you can read or listen to me reading.

I'm getting married on Saturday. Wow.


Paul Sweeney said...

Well, best wishes from everyone over here in Ireland! Hope it goes swimmingly !

Craig Morgan Teicher said...


Anonymous said...

listened to your poem on guernica and sea and cake's song (the beginning of it) "sound and vision" played for the entirety of your reading and it was fucking great. you should try to do it somehow. play them both on your computer at the same time...
A. Nonimus

great to see the graham opening, as it seems that writers our age to are suppose to despise her and not consider her the genius who she is..

Anonymous said...

i didn't make i clear, but it was totally by accident that that song played somehow from my downloaded files while you read..odd and lovely