Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More new books, as ever.

SEEING, by Jose Saramago
-Due out in April, a sequel to BLINDNESS. I loved BLINDNESS, though the ending is too optimistic. I haven’t read his earlier work and wonder if, when I do, I’ll find that it’s even better than these late books. Though I can’t quite get used to his endless paragraphs and comma-spliced sentences. I’m reviewing it for PW. I’ll let you know.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE by Matthew Thorburn
-Acquired gratefully in trade with the author. One of Brenda Hillman’s selections for New Issues. They make such lovely book-objects. I’ve just begun to look inside this one, but check out this stunning ending line of the first poem: ‘and snow fell all night like shredded photocopies of snow/ on a thin white cat.”

Also, look out for Matthew’s review in a roundup I edited for the next issue of Octopus.

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