Thursday, August 18, 2005

I want Malcolm Gladwell's hair

Working on a strange poem, or strange for me, anyway. The title, as it stands, is adapted from a sentence by Susan Sontag, whose essays have come to mean a lot to me lately, primarily for the complete strength and confidence of her mind. She asserts, she formulates, she states; she does not grasp after. Anyway, it's one of those poems where you don't quite know if it's working, if you're trying for some particular effect instead of listening to what the poem needs. I had this idea yesterday that I wanted to try writing really long lines for the first time, so I reoriented Word so that the page is set up the long way. I think the long lines may be my favorite thing about the poem. I have to let it sit, bake, a bit to see if I still like it...

Also, Harvard Review accepted a review I wrote of Thomas Sayers Ellis' book. I'm glad about that--I worked hard on it, and they had (rightly) rejected another review I did. So look out for that in the fall issue.

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