Monday, June 20, 2005

New Electronic Poetry Review

First, check out the long-awaited new issue of Electronic Poetry Review, featuring new poems by Bin Ramke, Karen Volkman, and Ben Doyle, among others, and a very old (two years old) review by me of Allen Michael Parkers far-from-new book. It's a lovely looking issue, designed such that, somehow, it feels clean and fresh. And a wonderful piece of art they've chosen too.

I'm in the midst of finishing a review of Thomas Sayers Ellis' first book, The Maverick Room. Trying hard to get it right, and it ain't easy. I don't know if reviewing comes easily to some of you, but not to me. I don't know that I'm naturally cut out for it, but I love doing it, trying to get my hands dirty in a book. It involves, like everything else, a hell of a lot of frustrating revision. But I'm closing in on it now. I hope you'll see it in print sometime soon.

Not so great a week for poetry things--rejected by MacDowell, but encouragingly so. Though I did give a good reading the other day, and especially enjoyed the work of my co-reader, Maureen Thorson, who through no connection other than serendipity, is taking the class B. is teaching at the Y, and who is also coincidentally in Octopus 5 with me. I read mostly new poems, 5 of them, and many good friends showed up. I was grateful for their presence. But jeez I could use an acceptance from somewhere.

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