Tuesday, May 10, 2005

type type type

I'm working as a typist lately, transcribing a text being dictated to me. Many hours of taking dictation, plus teaching two classes, has de-brained me.

Bought the new Ashbery book this afternoon at the Strand for $12.00 (they've got one more copy--buy it now!). Sort of an impuse purchase, but I've been meaning to get it. I've heard good things, read a poem in the store and liked it. Heard that maybe Ashbery is back, if he ever went away. But reading it, it seems like pretty standard Ashbery to me. Maybe it's a bit sharper than usual. I like the poem about the interesting folks in Newfoundland.

I love the newest James Tate, by the way. I've been skeptical about the last few books, but I really feel like he hit on something, on what he's been trying for, with this one. He's made his own kind of little prose-poetry fable. It really excited me.

I've got to stop typing.

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